Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's terrifying what lives between America's coasts.

With the campaign drawing near a close, each side's attacks gain momentum, fear and anticipation resounds in both parties and, apparently, the idiots of America are speaking out.

In this startling Al Jazeera footage of an Ohio rally for Sarah Palin, Palin supporters voice their concern about Barack Obama--their main issues, his blackness, his 'Muslim' standing and 9-11. Seriously? Has the American education system failed to reach those between New York and Los Angeles? Does mainstream media not broadcast in Ohio? Or, as I suspect, are these people just terrifyingly resistant to reality? I am horrified that these people live in the same country as me. No, actually, I'm pretty terrified that they live at all.


Assistant to the Devil said...

UN.. FUCKING.. BELIEVABLE.. Who are these people? What do they do? These must be the same people who voted for Bush, AND support wars on other nations SIMPLY because they don't care about anything outside of a 25 foot radius of their mobile home.

amy said...

One woman claimed that Barack Obama thinks white people are trash. What has she done to disprove this belief? It's scary to realize the effectiveness of the TV ads put out by the republicans. We don't view these ads in NY and CA because it would be a waste of money for the republicans to pay for airtime in non-swing states. But when you hear people spouting the same ridiculous "facts" over and over again, you realize that they must be viewing this crap on TV. Joe Sixpack should start drinking a case, so that he'll forget what he viewed on TV the night before.

tmp00 said...

Nice that we are giving grist to the mill; sadly, that's what most of the world thinnks of when they think "America". Fat bigots with big cars and zero tolerance.

I'm going back into my lefty BH bubble now, where it's safe and warm..

Msjamesis said...

What is disturbing to me is that it takes an "incident," or black man winning the candidacy for president, to alarm the rest us of the blatant racism that still exists in this nation. Its easy to look past in order to cope with our fear. I do it all the time.

But yep, KKK values are still alive and well. Just google 'em. The justice system is fucked up for anyone, forget being poor and the wrong color.

Nothing will change unless we each change. The most important thing we can do as humans is awaken to reality. Fearlessly step out of our comfort zones a bit and see what we might learn, or how we might be of assistance to someone different than us. Encourage others to do the same. Just be better to other people because its healthy to do so. Naw mean?
I love you man!

Kevin said...

You think that is bad?